International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History (TERPRO)

International Focus Group on: Palaeohydrology and fluvial archives - extreme and critical events (HEX)

The "Palaeohydrology and fluvial archives - extreme and critical events" (HEX) is an International Focus Group (IFG F1622) of the INQUA Commission on Terrestrial Processes Deposits and History (TERPRO). The mission of the HEX Group is to bring together scientists working on a diversity of research themes which are related to different aspects of the hydrological cycle, including rivers, lakes, and groundwater systems. All temporal and spatial scales are considered, but a special emphasis is given to late Quaternary at terrestrial sites, whith the aim of analysing both rapid changes (decades to centuries) and long-term (centuries to millennia) changes. A major research theme will be based on sedimentary records and related analysing techniques (e.g., isotopic composition, mineralogical analysis and geochronology), and links with other analytical records will be encouraged (e.g., documentary archives, archaeological, dendrochronological and botanic evidence). This very large area will develop successfully from the extensive research achieved by GLOCOPH 1991-2015, by focusing initially on the effects of past climate and environmental changes on both the hydrological cycle and on river catchment dynamics. It encourages interactive projects with the other TERPRO focus areas, INQUA Commissions and other international research programs to comprehend the links between hydrological and climatic changes and environmental and human responses.

Giant bar and run-up sediments related to Pleistocene outburst floods, Altai Mts., Siberia (photo from field workshop 2010)